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The first digital panoramic device in Samobor - keeping pace with the latest achievements in dentistry

Digitalni ortopan
Digitalni ortopan

Digital orthopan

The first digital panoramic device in Samobor

Digital imaging systems are much safer and more environmentally friendly than film because you do not use chemicals and all the problems associated with it (including radiation), but also because of lower costs.

Digital panoramic imaging offers us:

  • speed, (the whole process of recording for children takes 6.8, and adult 9 seconds)
  • comfort and economy.


  • each patient with recording gets digital ORTOPAN on CD, </ li>
  • digital ORTOPAN on the CD can be used and stored in a computer
  • digital recording offers significantly greater precision and enhanced diagnostic capabilities,
  • possible software analysis of bone density,
  • it is possible to enlarge details,
  • it is possible to boost the contrast and coloring structure…

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Cash payments: 10% discount
Payment in 6-12 months


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