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Thanks to rational management, excellent organization and dedicated work, Dr. Navaey's office has not had a waiting list for several years now!

Dr. Ebtehaj Navaey doktor dentalne medicine i specijalist ortodont

Dr. Ebtehaj Navaey

DMD and orthodontist

Ebtehaj Navaey, DMD and orthodontist, born in Iran in 1965. He lives n Zagreb since 1987. He finished dentistry and specialist studies in orthodontics in University of Zagreb.

Works in the field since 1998 as orthodontist. He regularly attends training courses at home and abroad in the field of orthodontics.

In his free time he is translating literature from Persian to Croatian and vice versa.

A member of the Croatian Society of orthodontists, Croatian Orthodontic Society and the Croatian Association of Literature Translators.

Dr. Navaey's Orthodontics practice is among the leading medical institutions in Croatia.

Excellent communication with patients, many years of staff experience, use of the latest and most effective materials, precision in orthodontic treatment management, flexibility in payment method and quick "on line" communications are characterized by this institution. Increasing numbers of patients from all Croatian regions and neighboring countries indicates unquestionable trust from patients.

Thanks to the rational managing, excellent organization and dedicated work in Dr. Navaey's practice for several years there's no waiting list!

Zrinka Wiesner

dental assistant

Zrinka Wiesner, dental assistant, born in 1966 in Zagreb. Since 1985 she has been working in the profession.

She is characterized by many years of experience, good organizational skills, communication skills, integrity and accessibility in relation with patients.

Zrinka Wiesner, medicinska sestra i dentalna asistentica

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Cash payments: 10% discount
Payment in 6-12 months


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Patients admission with prior reservation

Mon, Tue and Thu:
1 till 7 PM

Wed and Fri:
8 AM till 1 PM


Specialist Dental Practice for Orthodontics
Dr. Ebtehaj Navaey

Samoborskih bratovština 1/A, (at the old nursery), 10430 Samobor, Croatia


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